Frequently Asked Questions

Why was Xcubicle Layers created?

The original idea was developed from being able to drop a physical $1 note anywhere in our physical world without restrictions. Nothing stops someone from dropping a $10 note at the bench at a park, the table at a restaurant, or the top of a mountain. Converting that physical $10 note to a virtual one became: “how do you drop a digital coin anywhere in the digital and physical world?”. Using a mix of technologies from cryptographic hashes, web extensions, and cryptocurrencies we can now enable the ability to tie digital tokens of value to anything on the Internet and physical world. With the ability to drop a digital token like Bitcoin on anywhere in the digital world like a webpage, gps location, or without restrictions.

How does the user know they received this payment?

The campaign owner would get a message on the platform that they received coins and inform them to install the extension to claim it. Eventually we will setup bounties for users to contact these owners and win a reward if they claim it.

Is the service custodial? Who holds the coins that are sent?

It's not custodial, we don't hold any coins that are sent to the campaign owner. At the time of sending, all coins are coming from the sender's own private key.

Do I need to install the extension to claim my funds?

No, you don’t. Just fill out the claim form and provide a cryptocurrency address to retrieve the coins. Coins will be forwarded to your address once you verify you own the page of the URL that contains pledges.

What if the price fluctuates?

All pledges are in crypto and denominated in the coin they sent regardless of its USD value. For stability, users can send USDC coins which are stable 1 to 1 USD.

Can I get a refund on a transaction?

No, once a pledge is made, its not reversible like a Bitcoin transaction. Your only option is to remove the funds from your addresses before the transaction is processed and recreate a new account.

Use Cases

Donations Sites - Gofundme / Patreon / Non-profit Website

Bypass region restrictions and provide private donations -- Gives the ability to donate to any crowdfunding campaign, regardless if the owner accepts Bitcoin or not. Enable truly private donations via Monero for supporting controversial campaigns like the Hong Kong protests or supporting Trump.

Gofundme: Country Restrictions: Link

Patreon: Country restrictions: Link

Commerce Sites - eBay / Fiver / Kickstarter

Enable Bitcoin payments to eliminate middle man fees and deal with the seller directly.

Kickstarter: Region restrictions: Link

Fiverr: Country Restrictions : Link

Social Media - Twitter / Linkedin

Linkedin - Get paid to read your messages, cutting out Linkedin's business model of pay to spam users.

Q&A Sites

Github / Stackexchange Q&A website - Setup a bounty to get a question answered. Pay to save yourself time.

Google Maps

Google Maps - Drop Bitcoin at any google maps street view location. Unlock Bitcoins by using your street view surroundings as keys to a brain wallet phrase.